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10 Functional Testing Tips in Symfony

Taking part in testing more than 50 projects we saw how tests can give confidence in the code base, begin to save time for the entire development team and help to comply with business requirements. 


Oksana T.


SwiftUI Interaction with Redux

In this article we will talk about the SwiftUI framework in conjunction with Redux. This pair allows us to create applications quickly and easily. SwiftUI is used to create a declarative style user interface, unl...


Nazariy H.


Automation of selection of model hyperparameters in H2O. Tutorial

Recently, the growth in demand for skills in data science has grown faster than the skill level of specialists. Today it is difficult to imagine a business that would not benefit from a detailed analysis of the d...


Nazariy H.


7 Best Automatic Machine Learning Frameworks 2020

What is interesting about automatic machine learning systems? What frameworks are suitable for AutoML? What are the limitations so far? We will answer these questions in the article.


Nazariy H.


Cloud infrastructure for early startups.

What is a cloud infrastructure? We will talk about its examples, as well as a competent choice of tools. Read our quick digest with tips and descriptions.


Nazariy H.


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