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What is insurance technology? It is the integration of IT into the business models of insurance companies. Currently, insurance agents and companies cannot become leaders without custom insurance software. Insurance companies take advantage of insurance software development services to stand out from others in the insurance industry or enhance existing insurance applications by personalizing configurations, e.g., big data analytics. Geniusee provides insurance software development to help you become a leader in the market.

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Are you building a neobank or trying to implement the right payment system? Strive for meeting your business needs and satisfaction for your customers.

Read our Complete FinTech Guide

Are you building a neobank or trying to implement the right payment system? Strive for meeting your business needs and satisfaction for your customers.

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Insurance Software Development Services and Solutions

Insurance services we offer:

  • Insurance ERP programs
  • CRM software for insurance agencies
  • Insurance automation software
  • Insurance underwriting and rating software
  • Claims management systems
  • Insurance agency management solutions
  • Insurance risk management software
  • Document management systems
  • Insurance quoting software
  • P2P insurance solutions
  • Front-end customer portals
  • Customer engagement and relationship management software
  • Dynamic insurance quotes solutions
  • Telematics insurance
  • Big data analytics solutions
  • Insurance connected IoT
  • Insurance data warehouse
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) for insurance
  • Insurance policy management software
  • Insurance reporting tools
  • Custom insurance software solutions

Benefits of Choosing Geniusee for Insurance Software Development

Choose a reliable partner that cares about quality for your insurance software development. We are a Forbes-recognized company and one of Clutch's top developers. We offer transparency by logging and tracking team velocity on a per sprint basis. Our software developers constantly improve their expertise to deliver the best services possible.

As an experienced insurance software development company, we provide custom insurance solutions to solve your business challenges:

Insurance companies need trustworthy software
developers to ensure success in the insurance sector

Geniusee, as your software development partner, believes in proof also,
so we reveal our expertise in custom software development with numbers:


Team members


Technology support
and services


Projects completed

$ 350 m+

Raised by our clients

Our Insurance Software
Development Process

Cooperation Models

Our obligations:

  • We adhere to deadlines
  • We ensure the quality of our deliverables
  • We do not offer templates; we create solutions
  • We offer innovations and only new and relevant tech stacks

Our commitments:

  • Endeavor for splendid results
  • Expertise in our fields
  • Open mindset
  • Transparency across the project
  • Partner-like collaboration

Innovative Technologies in the Insurance Industry

To stand out from competitors as an insurance company, you need not only to update business models but implement new InsurTech solutions according to insurance market demands and insurance industry trends. Increase efficiency and decrease risks with big data, AI, machine learning, and cloud services to derive tools that automatically upgrade insurance policies, evaluate risks, calculate insurance coverage, and eliminate legacy systems to provide next-generation insurance solutions for your clients.

  • Digital transformation and systems modernization
  • Data from social media
  • Robotic process automation
  • Document management software
  • Cyber security services
  • Third-party integrations
  • Cloud solutions
  • Platforms and microservices
  • Smart data collection and warehousing
  • Wearable insurance solutions

Success Projects

Our Technology Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps should you consider before starting insurance software development?
First, you need to create a plan. In the beginning, you have to define your business goals and align the implementation of insurance software development with your company’s strategy. You have to choose the type of insurance software you need. Is it policy management, insurance processes automation, CRM software, insurance agency management software, ERP, document management software, insurance policy underwriting, quoting, claims management software solutions, or insurance risk management software? Next, determine the development approach, e.g., in-house team or outsourcing company. Choose the right technical partner (CTO) and hire the development team if you go outside the company; then calculate costs and find the most fitting software developers regarding their rates and technical skills or build the custom software yourself.

The development time of any software depends on its complexity. The idea development, depending on functionalities, may take one to four weeks or more. Next comes the discovery phase, design stage, development, testing, and launch. The time for the software development process also depends on the qualifications of the insurance software developers. The less experienced they are, the more time it takes. Platform, programming language, integrations, and capabilities also affect development time. The minimum development is at least 350 working hours, but usually around 1,300 hours.

Software is usually the keystone of your insurance business, so it is best to choose qualitative solutions and insurance developers.

Developing an insurance software solution may seem costly but compare how much money you will save by integrating it. For example, claims management software solutions may cost $45,000 to $100,000. Now, calculate your operational costs. If it’s $100,000 per year, that is a bargain. Of course, the price of software development for insurance also depends on its complexity and functionalities, platform type, tech stack, etc. Also, consider the development team. Hiring a dedicated outsourced team is sometimes cheaper than in-house insurance software developers. The average hourly rate of a developer is around $50, yet the lowest is $20 and rises to $100 - $200. Find out more about price tags, skills, and portfolios of potential insurance software development companies. The more experienced your developers, the less time it will take, and you will be sure about the quality of their insurance development services. You may also try our estimator to calculate the approximate cost of your software.

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