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Amazon DeepComposer introduction

Amazon introduced the DeepComposer music synthesizer and the eponymous cloud-based music creation service based on generative adversarial neural networks. Using them, the user can set the main melody on the synth...


Sofiia V.


Amazon Braket Announcement

On the opening day of the conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, 2019 Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced three initiatives created to take quantum computing to the level of cloud service availability.  Amazon...


Nazar H.


Everything you need to know about Git Flow branch model

In this article, we'll look at the Git branch model called git flow. The model was proposed by Vincent Driessen in his article “A successful Git branching model” and is used in various variations. The Git flow de...


Sofiia V.


What is good application architecture?

When we started writing a small but real growing project, we noticed that the app shouldn’t only work well but also should be well organized.  Don’t believe that thoughtful architecture is needed only for...


Ihor D.


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