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    Git Flow branch model. Detailed review

    In this article, we'll look at the Git branch model called git flow. The model was proposed by Vincent Driessen in his article “A successful Git branching model” and is used in various variations. The Git flow de...

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    Mobile application business plan

    Mobile applications are firmly entrenched in the life of a modern person. Games, services, payment systems, aggregators - all this is available on a smartphone. If you are thinking about creating a mobile applica...

    Written by Oksana T.

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    Salesforce vs Pegasystem: best in 2019

    CRM is absolutely indispensable for business, financial sector, trade, investment, insurance - everywhere and the owners of organizations and enterprises have long been convinced of this. However, along with the...

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    What is good application architecture?

    When we started writing a small but real growing project, we noticed that the app shouldn’t only work well but also should be well organized.  Don’t believe that thoughtful architecture is needed only for...

    Written by Ihor D.


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