Data science POC.

Data is the most valuable product on the market. Future really moves with big data. But it’s not enough to get the data, you also need to understand how to use it. Our data experts are involved in many tasks.

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This is not something completely new that has fallen off the industry from heaven, but the development of tools that were previously used to solve applied business problems. Their development was facilitated by the growth of computing power, which in turn made it possible to work with vast amounts of information.

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Previously, almost every company had a statistics department. Then this function was transformed into business analysis, and today it is transformed into data analytics, which works with more detailed, more in-depth information.

Working with Big Data isn’t something that a human can do

because our brains are simply not able to process so much information

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Data science hides a lot of skills inside as mathematical analysis, linear algebra, mathematical statistics, numerical methods

As well as derivatives of these sciences: algorithms, programming, econometrics, which combine the knowledge of statistics, programming and economic theory. It considers the properties and patterns of data, methods of processing, analysis, and modeling, which are the object of study in data science.

In our company, data science specialists are divided into several groups.




The first is those who work with data preparation, data aggregation, setting up data streams at the hardware level. They have more knowledge of system administrating and databases. Accordingly, their IT skills are their priority.




The second group of data scientists is those who, on the collected big data, analyze, search for correlations. They have prevailing knowledge of mathematics and statistics, and programming helps in solving problems.

Successful businesses seek to automate their decision-making process to the maximum through various programs that use machine learning. We help to understand and structure data, predict risks, form trends and much more.

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