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PrintBI has the largest and most detailed database of printing companies all around the world, powered by advanced technologies and business and market intelligence tools. The main objective of the project was to make it easy for clients to find the companies that are most likely to need the products and services of such clients.

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Problem Description

  • Single directory with information about printing companies based on their “DNA” (type of services, industry served, brands etc) 
  • Automation of data gathering process. 
  • Web platform allowing vendors in printing industry to quickly find leads that are interested in their products/ services
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  • Design creation of the Web platform with outstanding user experience. 
  • Web platform development allowing to quickly search for leads in printing industry 
  • DevOps Services, including CI/CD allowing to support seamless development process 
  • Automation tool development allowing to extract important information from company’s website based on URLs


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    Data Scraping

    Data scraping tool allowing to extract from company’s website based on URLs location that allows pinpointing company on a map, contact information that allows to quickly get in contact with company’s representative and specialty of a company in terms of printing.

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    Map filters

    Filters that allow users to quickly pick their target marketing printing companies based on keywords very specific to the industry

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    Payment Online

    Using PalPay users can easily get access to the data in order to start marketing targeting.

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    Report Generation

    The customers of the platform are getting a report that is customized to find conform in using data for their business.

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mobile Version.

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