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Future CEO: top 6 skills that you need in 2020

A good CEO of the future knows how to work with data, understands his subordinates and does not drive them into the framework. Read in the article what skills you will need after 5 years.


Taras T.


Why do big corporations use remote team?

Full-fledged remote work has become a global trend. The trend of a remote team (virtual team) has become popular with top world companies such as Skype, Slack, Github, MySQL, Opera, Groove, and others. In the wor...


Taras T.


How to make client's discovery?

Customer discovery definition is wide enough, but for short it is a method of studying the target audience and part of the Customer Development methodology. It helps to create exactly the product that people will...


Taras T.


Project Manager Key Skills

It may seem that being a project manager (digital producer, project manager, site development manager) means being a boss, being the most important and managing people. But this is not so. Management is the solut...


Oksana T.


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