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Welcome to our Geniusee blog, which is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content. Our main purpose is to help people navigate in the complicated world of programming and development tools. We hope that you find our articles interesting and entertaining.

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How to make the users love your MVP:)

MVP is a rather hackneyed topic, in our opinion. There is 99% probability that anyone who has been somehow connected with software development over the past 5 years heard about these 3 letters. But even despite t...


Ihor D.


What to ask an IOS developer in an interview?

The Swift programming language is only five years old, but it is already becoming the main development language for iOS. Developing to version 5.2, Swift has become a complex and powerful language that meets both...


Ihor D.


What to ask Java developer in interview?

We continue our Interview Questions rubric. Today we’ll talk about what you should ask a Java developer about. According to tradition, we will consider basic questions and give answers to them, and then discuss q...


Ihor D.


First Remote Work Stats

Back in early March, most of the largest IT companies in the United States, such as Microsoft, Alphabet, Twitter, Apple, Uber and many others, moved their office workers to work from home. And now the first resul...


Oksana T.


Between home and office. Organizing remote work.

Today many companies are offering their employees to work from home. However, not everyone has the opportunity to work remotely. Some experts do not leave their combat posts in office spaces.


Sofiia V.


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