A 2023 Forbes report showed that 12.7% of full-time employees work from home, and 28.2% work on a hybrid model. As more and more businesses have recently shifted to remote environments, challenges are becoming relevant. Employee motivation is one of them.

Traditional methods to increase employee engagement and morale have become outdated. Time and resource constraints and limited reach are key challenges to every company. But what if there’s a way to break down these barriers and make communication easier?

The solution exists, and it's live video streaming. Imagine a workplace where employees share a sense of purpose. You can make that a reality with this powerful tool. With the right strategies, you can counter the drawbacks of remote working environments and leverage its benefits to the fullest.

Video streaming solutions can facilitate collaboration and boost morale. Implementing video communications isn’t hard. Let's look at how you can get started with video format streaming for your company.

In this article:

  1. The power of employee engagement and video streaming
  2. 5 practical strategies for video streaming implementation
  3. Advantages of incorporating a video streaming application
  4. Explore Geniusee's video streaming app development services
  5. Wrapping up

The power of employee engagement and video streaming

Employee engagement and video streaming

Show, Don't Tell is a powerful technique moviemakers have used for generations. This also applies to the business world. A study by Forrester Research showed that employees are 75% more likely to watch a live-streamed video than read a document. This highly underscores the vital role of video in engaging the workforce.

Video broadcasting enhances internal communications, making it easier to deliver complex messages to employees around the world. A Microsoft study states that 41% of remote workers favor video conferencing. But what does this mean for your business? 

This shows you the rising demand for face-to-face interactions across many companies. It also shows you the necessity of providing internal live-streaming platforms for your business. Moreover, you can also manage remote, hybrid, and in-office work settings better by:

  • Bridging communication gaps. Employees living in different cities or countries can communicate within a single platform. This helps you host live events and brainstorming sessions without geo-restrictions.
  • Enabling interactive collaboration. Many people can work and collaborate on a single project. You can live stream important videos to schedule workflows and discuss necessary subjects.
  • Offering real-time updates. Live streaming video content allows employees to get immediate updates about upcoming projects. This also lets you set up new avenues without the time delay of on-site announcements. 
  • Improving relationship building. Companies can also live stream videos to foster community and strengthen company culture. Interactive sessions, gaming events, and happy hours all help manage relationships between teams.

That said, don’t overdo it. Extensive meetings can become boring and unproductive. According to a UIA report, executives claim that 45% of work meetings are pointless. So, you need to follow a few key strategies to keep everything fresh. Plus, being friendly and open ensures you don’t face issues with live broadcasts that others face.

5 practical strategies for video streaming implementation

5 practical strategies for video streaming implementation

Say goodbye to yawns and hello to happy faces. Get ready to turn your workplace from mundane to magnificent. Follow these five tried-and-tested ways to improve employee engagement with live streaming:

1. Live Q&A sessions

Q&A or AMA sessions help employees speak with someone higher up in the company and resolve issues. This ensures your employees are up to date with the company goals with weekly agendas to get through. 

To prepare in advance, you can create polls to collect votes on the most important questions. Questions with the most votes get moved to the top and answered first. Employees watching live broadcasts can also comment and ask follow-up questions. This helps you make every voice be heard with anonymous questions and feedback. Moreover, those who could not watch it live can watch the video later and get the latest updates. 

2. Interactive workshops and training

Bored of slides and guides? In a Mimeo survey of over 2,000 companies, 74% of trainers said they use video learning as part of their training. Live streaming workshops are a great way to train employees about company culture. You can record training sessions to let employees rewatch sections at their own pace.

Sales training, compliance training, and onboarding are all on the table. Moreover, your employees can participate in the sessions by asking and answering questions. Video training sessions also allow employees located globally to hop on from anywhere. This even bypasses the need for a physical location and can save your company a lot of training costs.

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3. Live feedback sessions

Instant feedback is the new espresso shot for productivity! Live streaming has transformed online workspaces by allowing immediate responses and real-time feedback, much like face-to-face interactions in an office setting. It makes interactions more accessible, enabling participation from any location. Moreover, it presents you as a powerful motivator for your employees by sharing experiences and scheduling employee meetings. 

Live video technology is particularly impactful for those closest to a company's target audience, such as sales and support staff. Their participation in live streams brings invaluable insights and customer feedback, which is vital for addressing queries and discussing future roadmaps. Thus, it ensures all engaged employees, regardless of their location, are on the same page and contributing effectively towards a shared goal.

4. Virtual team-building activities

Even though most people would prefer getting together in person for team-building, it's not always doable. So why not switch it up with virtual events? A great way to improve employee engagement and retention is by creating a culture that makes them feel appreciated. 

Virtual events, happy hours, employee recognition meetings, and team parties are all on the table. These live video hangouts are a powerful motivator and make everyone feel part of the team, all from the comfort of their couch. And let's not forget the benefits: you can give props to your teammates for their awesome work. HR can even throw a virtual happy hour, perfect for some laid-back chit-chat that improves trust between team members.

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5. Regular company updates and announcements

Important updates and company news are vital in keeping everyone in the loop. Instead of sending out long, detailed emails that might get overlooked, try live streaming. It's a more direct and engaging way to communicate with your team.  

Through live-streamed videos, employees can stay updated and feel more connected to the company's journey. It's a simple yet effective way to ensure everyone is informed and ready to take on upcoming projects without overcomplicating things.

Advantages of incorporating a video streaming application

Benefits of investing in a video streaming app

Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, stated, “Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret.” And we can’t agree more. Engaged employees bring many benefits to the table and investing in them is crucial. 

Dave Ulrich, Co-Founder of RBL Group, said, “Good leaders are meaning makers who help each employee find his or her personal meaning through their work activities.” This shows how important it is to understand your employees at a deeper level.

These influential leaders focus on improving employee engagement, and live video streaming can keep your engaged workers satisfied. So, let’s tackle the problem and make your employee's lives easier. Let's examine some key domain improvements you can expect when using a video streaming app.

  • Increased engagement and productivity. A recent study by Gallup showed that highly engaged teams are 21% more productive. This shows a positive correlation between employee engagement with live streaming and increased productivity levels. 

  • Enhanced communication efficiency. Live streaming videos let your employees communicate quicker and get results faster. It even serves as a base to avoid running into issues while working on projects.

  • Fostering a culture of innovation. An engaged workforce, empowered by online meetings as a powerful tool, can reliably discuss new ideas and look at future technologies. Video meetings and team-building activities let them develop new solutions quickly.

    Cost savings and scalability. Since online meetings, live events, and announcements don’t need a physical location, you can save a lot of resources and money for your business.

  • Improved training and development. Training videos also offer great benefits as employees get visual experience. It also allows your employees to keep up with the latest live streams and complicated segments without missing them entirely.

How can you incorporate a streaming solution for your business that will enhance employee experience? Well, let’s explore that right now.

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Explore Geniusee's video streaming app development services

At Geniusee, we use various video platforms for internal communications between teams. We believe that discussing topics and developing resolutions in real-time is crucial for a smooth workflow. You can acquire a custom-made video application to engage employees for your business. Contact our team, and we’ll help you get up and running in no time. 

Our expertise lies in video streaming app development, generative AI integration, and natural language processing. So, if you need help setting up an advanced video solution for your business, consider Geniusee.

Wrapping up

Employee engagement is crucial for CEOs. Leaders need to learn how to engage employees and create a sense of community around the company. Live streaming video content is one of the many tools designed to improve communication and team collaboration. It also helps you enhance employee engagement in your company.

At Geniusee, we value employee insights, team meetings, and great workplace culture across all our projects — we can help you do the same. Learn more about how Geniusee can help you drive collaboration among employees.