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    Neural Networks. What you need to know?

    Let's talk about neural networks. We are going to give a presentation of sophisticated information in such a simple way that even a child will understand. We studied the basics and delved into the topic from scra...

    Written by Nazar H.

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    Trends in the component approach in 2020

    After many years of searching, JavaScript masters managed to find the philosophical stone of the front-end - components. What awaits the web in 2020?

    Written by Ihor D.

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    Why has everyone urgently needed IoT?

    Let's delve into this term, around which the debate does not cease, and we will understand what IoT is and what does it do in the modern IT world. The Internet of things, commonly known as IoT, is a very gener...

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    12 killers of developers' productivity

    One of the most important problems of project managers and technical managers is to increase the productivity of developers. Let's get to its roots.

    Written by Oksana T.


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