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    6 benefits of serverless architecture

    In the world of programming "What does serverless architecture mean?" is a fairly common question now.  The serverless architecture provides flexibility to meet ever-changing business requirements without...

    Written by Nazariy H.

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    Mobile Application trends in 2020

    Technology is changing our way of life. Mobile applications have a particular impact on this. Some facilitate daily activities (reminders, calling an ambulance or simply ordering coffee), while others just help t...

    Written by Oksana T.

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    Why do big corporations use remote team?

    Full-fledged remote work has become a global trend. The trend of a remote team (virtual team) has become popular with top world companies such as Skype, Slack, Github, MySQL, Opera, Groove, and others. In the wor...

    Written by Taras T.

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    Kubernetes: What is it and its benefits

    Kubernetes is Google’s open-source container orchestration framework. In fact, they go in a bunch of Docker - Microservices - Kubernetes. Kubernetes allows you to install and deploy your application in seconds...

    Written by Alex T.


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