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    Neuro - Linguistic Programming is fun!

    Computers work great with structured information, such as tables in databases. But people communicate with each other, not with tables, but with words. For computers, this is too complicated. Most of the infor...

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    How to make client's discovery?

    Customer discovery definition is wide enough, but for short it is a method of studying the target audience and part of the Customer Development methodology. It helps to create exactly the product that people will...

    Written by Taras T.

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    Why C # programmers are in great demand?

    C# programmers are becoming more popular thanks to the evolving ecosystem of the language. It writes a backend, applications, games. Let's try to understand what is the reason for the popularity of the languag...

    Written by Ihor D.

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    10 criteria How to choose JS library

    What do you need to bring to the attention when choosing new libraries for development? The Geniusee team analyzed and selected 10 criteria for evaluating any technology.

    Written by Ihor D.


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