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    What is IoT and why did everyone urgently need it

    Let's delve into this term, around which the debate does not cease, and we will understand what IoT is and what does it do in the modern IT world. The Internet of things, commonly known as IoT, is a very gener...

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    12 ruthless killers of developers' productivity

    One of the most important problems of project managers and technical managers is to increase the productivity of developers. Let's get to its roots.

    Written by Oksana T.

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    What team is needed to create a really good online store

    The opinion that eCommerce is a single store or activity is disappearing; digital and in-person are inextricably linked now, creating the symbiotic commercial ecosystem. In order to competently create a really...

    Written by Oksana T.

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    How to estimate the time required for the development

    Did you notice that your developers constantly don’t meet deadlines for the project? Most likely, you simply cannot correctly assess the time it takes to develop. The ability to accurately determine the amount...

    Written by Yevhen P.

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    Launching the tech startup, what you need to know

    Launching a startup involves several required actions. Many aspiring businessmen think that a unique selling proposition is enough, but the success of a new brand depends on many factors that are important to wor...

    Written by Taras T.