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    Kubernetes: what is this and what benefits it has

    Kubernetes is Google’s open-source container orchestration framework. In fact, they go in a bunch of Docker - Microservices - Kubernetes. Kubernetes allows you to install and deploy your application in seconds...

    Written by Alex T.

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    High load systems: introduction to highload

    High load systems became a trend back in 2012. But here's the problem - there is still no clear definition of the term. Where do high loads start? 10 requests per second - is it already high load or not yet? Mayb...

    Written by Taras T.

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    Geniusee Clutch Award

    The world of software development is evolving every day, and the competition is even tougher than ever before.  In the age of technology, when customer reviews are an integral part of every company, it is...

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    Therapeutic applications: expert opinions

    Anyone who has faced the problem of finding a good therapist can reaffirm that this is a rather complicated process. It can also be costly, inconvenient, and debilitating for those who are at the peak of mental o...

    Written by Oksana T.

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    NLP is fun! How a machine processes a natural language

    Computers work great with structured information, such as tables in databases. But people communicate with each other, not with tables, but with words. For computers, this is too complicated. Most of the infor...

    Written by Sofiia V.