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    Artificial intelligence in retail

    Artificial intelligence (AI) captures the world, penetrates into all spheres of business and our life. AI is no longer a futuristic technology that promises to transform business. It is an on-line tool that can h...

    Written by Sofiia V.

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    Top technology events in Q3/Q4 2019

    Ironically, technology itself has accelerated the demise of some massive tech events (like CeBit) but the result is that the remaining ones are more focused, alive and bustling than ever before. Tech Events featu...

    Written by Nazar H.

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    Cooperation Models In IT Comparison

    Recently, outsourcing services has grown from a fairly simple concept to a complex set of different options and models. World practice has developed in this issue three basic pricing models, which we will conside...

    Written by Taras T.

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    Quantum Computing Current Stage

    The world pending: quantum computers, which for many years have been described in books and films, soon can be used for specific purposes: to optimize the routes of airplanes and buses, to develop new drugs and m...

    Written by Nazar H.


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