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    What is DevOps in general?

    What is DevOps in general and what kind of practices does it include? Today we will talk about these themes. Every company, which works with the development or implementation of software tries to move faster a...

    Written by Alex T.

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    Native & Hybrid Applications

    Now we are using PC less and less and we are increasingly looking at the letters and pictures on the screens of smartphones. "Smart" phone has become the best friend of the person with whom he is eating, sleeping...

    Written by Ihor D.

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    Top 5 trends in tech world in 2019

    We live in a digital age. A “smart home” or voice assistant has seemed fantastic lately but has already become part of everyday life. Technology moves forward every day. What awaits us tomorrow?

    Written by Pavlo K.

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    How to find IT partner

    Find an outsource company and do not go broke - a task that faces all IT startups. More and more companies are outsourcing their IT tasks. And this is justified: There are much more reasons why large companies...

    Written by Taras T.


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