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We’re extremely excited to announce that Geniusee has just received AWS Lambada Service Delivery Designation. Let’s dive into it and get to know what it is.

In this article: 

  1. AWS Service Delivery Program
  2. AWS Lambda
  3. Why Is It Useful For You?
  4. What Does It Mean To Us?

AWS Service Delivery Program

The AWS Service Delivery Program is a way to find a validated partner to help you with managing AWS tools. Only companies with deep technical expertise and knowledge, proven experience, and successfully implemented cases may become AWS partners. 

AWS Service Delivery Program

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is provided by Amazon and is part of Amazon Web Services. This event-driven platform provides a serverless computing service that executes program code in response to specific events and is liable for automatically assigning the necessary computing resources. 

AWS Lambda automatically runs code in response to the various range of events, such as HTTP requests through the Amazon API Gateway, changing objects in the Amazon S3 bucket, updating tables in Amazon DynamoDB, or changing states in AWS Step Functions.

AWS Lambda Partners are only trustworthy, reliable, and experienced companies that provide a wide range of necessary services and tools in order to help clients tailor or relocate their solutions to cloud-based micro-serviced architecture. This lets you create applications (both web and mobile) and software without a need in resource costly servers. It also enables you to get a company that will maintain secure, reliable, and effective solutions for Windows on Amazon EC2 Windows. 

With Lamda it does not matter anymore what language you choose for building software. All types of applications and programming languages are supported by Lambda. All aliases, all versions. Simply, everything is in one word - Lambda. Deliver top-notch results with one AWS service that enables you to control all developed features of your applications, starting from code, deployment, configuration, and many other means to make the outcomes anchor in the hearts of end customers.  

Why Is It Useful For You?

Once Amazon clients said:

  • How is it possible to find someone who knows how to work with Amazon Web Services? How to do this easily and fast? How may we check expertise? 

And Amazon answered:

  • Here is an AWS Service Delivery Partners! We checked their knowledge and expertise for you. This is a list of highly-experienced companies that passed extremely strict verification, so we validated their competence with AWS Service Delivery designation. We are sure these companies will get the most out of AWS Services to deliver innovations and definitely meet your business goals, objectives, and needs.

AWS Service Delivery Partners are a great choice

Technical Expertise

Profound knowledge of the latest AWS product functions and best approaches

Early admission to service updates, new feature releases, guidances, and roadmaps

Verified expertise in solving cases using certain AWS products and services

Time Savings

Masterful execution of AWS services

Efficient maintenance based on knowledge and best techniques

Elimination of unneeded troubleshooting by setting it up correctly from the first time

Performance Efficiency

Proven and effective methods with the profoundness in certain AWS services

Proficiency in aiding clients to maximize investment

Optimal service arrangement to decrease total costs

What Does It Mean To Us?

At Geniusee we strive to Innovate, Accelerate and Thrive together with our clients. To make that possible our team is constantly enhancing and ameliorating knowledge and skills in order to provide our customers with even better expertise. We’re a client-oriented software and product development company. Our topmost priority is to deliver results that exceed your expectations, allowing you to gain better digital visibility overall.

We are proud that know we have one more attainment that proves our values, commitments, and obligations to you as our client to follow best practices to solve and support your unique solutions.

“The Geniusee team is honored to become an AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner! This is our second designation while our partnership with Amazon and definitely not the last one. Our clients are the main drivers of our success. That is why we continue to improve our expertise. 

Our team believes in numbers and proven effective approaches. We are invested in your success no less than you, as we are passionate about what we do. We are always on the same wavelength with you in the business aspect and ready to walk the extra mile for technological excellence. We are there for you to make your customers’ journey flawless and your business results spectacular.

We are glad to be certified as a trustful partner of AWS and already are looking forward to the next achievement”, Nazar Hazdun, CTO and co-founder of Geniusee.