Well, well. No surprises, actually. We never stop proving to you that there’s no such milestone we can’t achieve. So, congratulate us! Geniusee got the long-awaited accomplishment – Education Services Competency from AWS. We are not going to stand still. Geniusee team strives to develop constantly and gain new achievements in our partnership. Let’s conquer new heights together!

In this article:

  1. What is AWS Competency Program?
  2. AWS Education Competency
  3. Why is the cloud important for EdTech?
  4. Our experience in EdTech
  5. As a conclusion

What is AWS Competency Program?

AWS Partners are validated and promoted through the AWS Competency Program if they demonstrate technical expertise and customer success with AWS services according to the requirements.

AWS Competency enables IT service providers to market and differentiate their business to AWS customers. If your vendor is a part of this program and attained an AWS partnership, it means that this company showcased its capabilities in specialized areas across industries, use cases, and workloads. 

As long-termed AWS partners, we expand our knowledge and gain new skills constantly. This allows us to deliver the best cloud solutions for your business. 

Did you know that we are AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, as well as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner? In addition, AWS closely watched our progress in Lambda and API development, so we are honored owners of two AWS badges as trustworthy partner in AWS Lambda delivery and Amazon API Gateway delivery.

If you’re interested in discovering our previous experience with other technological solutions, check out our Clutch page or portfolio. We can’t wait to add your project to our list of successful projects.

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AWS Education Competency

Educational establishments use the cloud to boost student achievement and address concerns about costs, value, and outcomes for students. For mission-critical applications, IT teams in higher education, K-12, and research create secure environments, allowing them to concentrate on student success.

Solutions provided by AWS Education Competency Partners adhere to AWS architectural best practices. There are two distinct types: administration, operations, teaching, and learning.

AWS recognizes solutions in the Teaching and Learning category that use cutting-edge teaching and learning technology to assist educators in adapting to new standards, personalizing learning, and providing students with digital learning experiences.

These solutions help educational establishments operate efficiently both on-campus and online because they are designed to empower educational establishments to gain better visibility into IT operations and assist with regulatory requirements.

APN Partners with demonstrated expertise and customer success in the education sector who can assist customers in taking advantage of all that AWS has to offer were identified and connected with ease through the introduction of AWS's Education services competency.

The highest standard for AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners, who provide solutions to education customers, is AWS Education Competency. By providing specialized solutions that are in line with AWS architectural best practices and support efforts to support teaching and learning, administration, and academic research in education, AWS Education Competency Partners have demonstrated technical proficiency and demonstrated customer success.

Why is the cloud important for EdTech?

There are apparent reasons why cloud computing is widely used in education and other fields. Educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities had the opportunity to take advantage of cloud computing and its benefits during the Covid era when education moved away from traditional classrooms and toward online instruction. The cloud-enabled learning and coaching centers connect students and teachers virtually, save money on textbooks, don't need to buy or own servers and data centers, and offer many other features that the traditional method couldn't offer. Furthermore, since they are safe in the cloud, they need not be concerned about the security of their documents, study materials, or files. Students, teachers, and other staff members no longer have to spend their lessons in traditional classrooms, thanks to cloud technology. Services are accessible from any internet-connected device, and teaching and learning occur remotely.

In many ways, cloud computing is changing the education industry. A brief list of the most well-liked advantages of utilizing cloud computing in EdTech was compiled by our specialists.

  1. Virtual classrooms allow for universal accessibility.
  2. Savings on the storage and upkeep of students' data.
  3. Educational institutions gain scalability thanks to the cloud.
  4. Improved data safety through the use of virtual applications.
  5. Through the cloud, a wide range of learners can be reached.
  6. The learning syllabus may be current and accessible online.
  7. Education delivered online is affordable.

The annual costs of purchasing and setting up IT infrastructure were reduced thanks to cloud computing. Every student who is connected to the internet at this time has access to all of the learning resources that are stored in the cloud, including textbooks, software, and virtual classrooms. Learners around the world now have access to distance learning. It is the current and the next big thing because of its adaptability and scalability. The cloud is being adopted by educational establishments worldwide for the convenience it provides as well as for the technological advantages it offers. Nothing excites them more than having access to all of the learning materials they need and being able to achieve an academic milestone from anywhere. Learning institutions that use cloud computing services are less likely to be affected by future changes and almost sure to succeed.

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Our experience in EdTech

We have extensive expertise in creating all types of educational platforms and learning management systems depending on your demand. Geniusee team helps businesses in three EdTech areas: 

  • Business training software;
  • Academic software;
  • Self-education software.

We tailor various pools of EdTech software solutions, such as:

  • Learning management systems (LMS);
  • Educational platforms;
  • School management software;
  • Software for corporate learning;
  • Solutions for mobile learning.

Here are a few education technology cases we developed:

  • Student - we developed a mobile application and tailored a cooperation stage between students and educational agents for an e-learning consultation platform;
  • My Tutor - an e-learning platform that reshapes school education as an intelligent built-in system that automatically creates groups based on similar needs for knowledge, and its presentation, as well as tutoring, fits perfectly;
  • Best Music Coach - we tailored Best Music Coach as a completely personalized educational platform and designed it to connect students and musicians;
  • ZaZa - a web platform that connects teachers and students that allows them to select and configure a unique studying path for every need;
  • Finance Unlocked - Finance Unlocked already had a WordPress platform, and the first main task was to move the on-demand video platform to Laravel and redo all designs. We used nine beta environments to ensure smooth flow and integrated multiple 3d parties.
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As a conclusion

Cloud solutions are helping education IT teams around the world solve problems like disaster preparedness, scalability, and improved student outcomes through learning analytics while focusing on what matters to them. Through innovative IT solutions and other organization initiatives, they are contributing to the success of their students. 

Geniusee team works despite borders and time zones to deliver only the best innovative solutions that ensure our clients’ leadership and digital breakthrough. Geniusee is about personalized and agile approaches to deliver the best software solutions to help your customers fall in love with delivered services and products. Our topmost priority is to deliver results that exceed your expectations, allowing you to gain better digital visibility overall.

We never stop growing and expanding, broadening our horizons, and always seek room for evolution!

By the way, we achieve new heights with other partners.

We are incredibly delighted to share with you this amazing news. According to Clutch ratings, Geniusee is the 2d Top Education App Developer and 6th Top Financial App Developer worldwide. 

We believe that our dedication and hard work will bring better results and word recognition! Together we can do everything!