Another advanced designation in our portfolio. Much more to go, of course, but we can’t keep this secret from you.

Geniusee is honored to announce:

We received one more Amazon Delivery Partner specialization! This time API Gateway. 

In this article:

  1. AWS Partner Program
  2. Amazon API gateway
  3. Why do you need API Gateway
  4. Why is it useful for you?
  5. What does it mean to us?
  6. Our AWS cases

AWS Service Delivery Program

The AWS Service Delivery Program is a way to find a validated partner to help you with managing AWS tools. Amazon checks the expertise and knowledge of companies in this list and only highly-experienced companies that passed extremely strict verification are in there. Amazon validates its competence with AWS Service Delivery designation. 

You may be sure that these companies will get the most out of AWS Services to deliver innovations and definitely meet your business goals, objectives, and needs.

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway Specialization is a designation that claims the company is able to support thousands of API calls at one time, provide sustainable traffic management, and detect and access control. Businesses from the Amazon API Gateway Partners list deliver AWS tools and services to assist their client's tailoring and managing API systems and architecture, making it secure and scalable. Solutions that they build help their customers operate with all the assignments applied to receive and process hundreds of thousands of API calls, authorize and monitor them, support CORS, ensure access and provide complex API management. 

You may look at APIs as at the front door for applications that enables them to access and manage data, ensures effective business logic and processes, and supports backend features. Amazon API Gateway is a service that simplifies the full-scale development of API solutions (creation and publishment, maintenance and detection, verification, and security). It also allows you to create a bridge between two applications that permits them to exchange information. Amazon API Gateway allows you to pay only for calls and data you receive without any other fees. 

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Expand my expertise

Why do you need API Gateway?

Amazon API Gateway allows you

  1. Develop APIs more efficiently

  2. Easily scale architecture and performance

  3. Optimize scalability costs

  4. Detect APIS effortlessly

  5. Get adjustable controls

  6. Enhance security

  7. Get RESTful API 

Why Is It Useful For You?

Since Amazon created AWS (Amazon Web Services) a need for trustworthy partners appeared. So they started developing AWS Service Delivery Program. It is a list of companies that are validated by Amazon specialists. Businesses in this list have gone through strict check-ups, their developers are constantly upgrading their skills and you may be sure that if your partner is one of the AWS partners registered, you’re in good hands. 

Becoming an AWS partner requires deep technical expertise and knowledge, proven experience, and successfully implemented cases that may get into the AWS Service Delivery Partners list.

AWS Service Delivery Partners are a great choice because of:

1. Technical Expertise

  • Profound knowledge of the latest AWS product functions and best approaches
  • Early admission to service updates, new feature releases, guidances, and roadmaps
  • Verified expertise in solving cases using certain AWS products and services

2. Time Optimization

  • Masterful execution of AWS services and products
  • Efficient maintenance based on knowledge and best techniques
  • Elimination of unneeded troubleshooting by setting the system up correctly from the first time

3. Performance Efficiency

  • Proven and effective methods with the astuteness in AWS services
  • Proficiency in availing clients to maximize investments
  • Optimal service arrangement to decrease the total costs

Do you want to overcome your competitors and become or keep the place of the market leader? Do you want end customers to love your product and save time and money on further scalings, integrations, updates, etc? Do you want to be sure that your outsourcing development team is actually acknowledged AWS's little development secrets? Look no further than the AWS Service Delivery Partners list then.

How to becoma AWS consulting partner

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What Does It Mean To Us?

To Innovate, Accelerate and Thrive together with our clients.

It’s not just words to us in Geniusee. We do truly strive to deliver you the best services and overcome your expectations. Why? We’re proving to ourselves that we can do this. That we are able not only to supply development or consulting services to our clients, but we can also solve your problems. It is exciting to see your teammates overcoming their expectations and putting their dreams come true. To become better and better. Every day, every minute, every code line. It inspires me to do the same.

You know, we’re even joking sometimes that during onboarding, some NLP techniques or gas are used, so we all strive to ameliorate, evolve, and research. Well, no kidding, no, it is just our HR specialists are the best. 

Neuro-linguistic programming

By the way

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Do you know how machine Ppocesses a natural language? We can tell you!

Discover it!

Gosh, that’s too many sentiments. Yet, a piece of true evidence that we love each other. Okay, okay… No more. Let’s better get to know what our CEO and CTO say about this designation! We promise he won’t be crying.

“The Geniusee team is honored to become an AWS API Gateway Service Delivery Partner! This is our third designation during our partnership with Amazon and definitely not the last one. Our clients are the main drivers of our success. That is why we continue to improve our expertise”, - Taras Tymoshchuk, CEO and co-founder of Geniusee.

“Our team believes in numbers and proven effective approaches. We are invested in your success no less than you, as we are passionate about what we do. We are always on the same wavelength with you in the business aspect and ready to walk the extra mile for technological excellence. We are there for you to make your customers’ journey flawless and your business results spectacular. We are glad to be certified as a trustful partner of AWS and already are looking forward to the next achievement”, - Nazar Hazdun, CTO and co-founder of Geniusee.

To make Geniusee slogan (just in case you forgot, it’s “Innovate, Accelerate and Thrive together with our customers”) become a reality, not a waste of words, our team is constantly enhancing and ameliorating knowledge and skills in order to provide our customers with even better expertise. We’re a client-oriented software and product development company. Our topmost priority is to deliver results that exceed your expectations, allowing you to gain better digital visibility overall.

We are proud that know we have one more attainment that proves our values, commitments, and obligations to you as our client to follow best practices to solve and support your unique solutions.

AWS API Gateway Delivery specialization is something more than just a designation. It is proof that we’re a reliable partner that cares about the quality of deliverables (if you didn’t know, we have just got an ISO 9001:2015 certification and ISO 27001:2013 designation is on its way). 

Oh, by the way, not only do Amazon and International Organization for Standardization trust us, we have much more partners to evince our expertise!

Our AWS Cases

As you already know, AWS Service Delivery Partner Program requires proven expertise. If you’re interested in checking that out yourself, scroll through our portfolio! Yet, we prepared some of the most fascinating cases in AWS by Geniusee.

Check more cases here!

If you want not only to find a team for one project but a loyal ally for years, consider becoming a Geniusee partner.

Choose a team of trained and certified technical individuals and proven customer experience for your success.