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Banking Software Development

Can you afford not to evolve? Banking has become digital globally—the market is estimated to reach $30.1 billion by 2026, but to go digital means not only adding online banking services to your business. Software development in any domain requires an integrated approach and taking into account even the smallest details. In particular, in the banking sector, special attention should be paid to data security, customer experience, and simplification of procedures and processes. Our financial software development services will transform your business, providing digitization and automation. Geniusee offers management software for any financial institution. Let’s keep pace with innovations together.

Banking Software
Development Services

The development of banking software services is dedicated to increasing business efficiency and the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Geniusee provides an individual approach and offers custom software designed to simplify your business processes or process automation and guarantee a better customer experience. Aggravate competitors who call you sluggish or awkward without jeopardizing your business. We offer smart banking solutions by our expert developers according to your regulatory compliance.


The modern world requires the digital transformation of financial institutions. We all remember the good old days when we could simply walk into the bank branch and find the solution to all of our problems. Now, customers prefer to find solutions to their problems online and chase new ways to solve them. Innovations are required for the banking system to:

  • stay at the top of the finest banking elite and thrive;
  • keep your customers and don’t lose them to Mercury, Chase, or Marcus banks;
  • abandon paper and move to electronic document management;
  • offer online customer service and instant solutions to their problems on all mobile devices;
  • incorporate a completely new approach to data security.

Such changes require the correct resolution of the issues of storage, transfer, and security of data, so experience and skills in banking software development solutions are vital.

Nowadays, mobile banking is a must have solution for financial institution. Online banking is designed to simplify solutions for customers’ problems and provide an impeccable customer experience with the product. With the development of a variety of online products and programs, customers are becoming more demanding about serving and solving their problems using their mobile devices and mobile applications instead of face-to-face communication with qualified specialists as was before. To address the new challenges, the mobile banking application should not only have the basic features of the bank (a money transfer service or loan solutions) but also, it is vital to provide:

  • innovations and modernization
  • personalization
  • bigger velocity rate than your competitors
  • user-friendly interfaces
  • security and confidence
  • 24/7 support
  • transparency

to improve user interaction with the mobile app while providing a completely unique custom banking approach.

New occurrences like remote work, in particular, from another country, relocation, workation, traveling as a lifestyle, and globalized supply chains require the ability to operate with different currencies in real-time. The development of centralized online real-time exchange or, in other words, core banking systems is an important competitive advantage for a financial institution. A core banking system is also designed to perform core operations of the banking industry like recording transactions, passbook maintenance, interest estimates on loans and deposits, consumer data, the balance of payments, and withdrawal. Don’t make it easy for Wise, Payoneer, or Genome to steal your customers who need multi-currency accounts or other solutions in online banking. Claim the victory and make your competitors back off!
Investments guarantee financial security for many people with a pension or passive income. The development of high-quality AI-powered trading platforms is the most important solution since it acts as the main tool for the trader. It allows influencing the stock market after live analysis of financial data, risk management, and opportunities evaluation. Given the variety of trading operations, trading platform software should be as individual as possible. It ensures a solution to all possible problems and endows the needs of the trader.
P.S. Show Saxo and Interactive Brokers where they belong!

The loan management process is a complicated and complex area that requires modern technological and innovative solutions. Deciding on credit granting is a complex process of loan management because it is necessary to assess many factors. While analyzing financial data, it is needed to study:

  • the loan recipient’s credit history;
  • their financial status;
  • the market situation and conditions;
  • regulatory requirements, etc.

Loan origination service allows you to simplify decision-making procedures for financial institutions by creating automated processes, in particular, for risk management and fraud prevention.
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Advantages of Choosing Geniusee
for Banking Software Development

Geniusee is one of Clutch top developers and a Forbes-recognized company that develops custom software in accordance with a project’s requirements. We strive to help our partners get to the top or take roots and retain their top-notch position (ask them if you don’t believe us). Our dedicated development team is driven by metrics. We talk numbers, tracking the velocity, and executing on a per sprint basis with transparent time logging. We safely develop secure management software for the banking industry, such as core banking system, mobile banking solutions, online banking, etc., and offer continuous support for our software product during the development process. Our senior specialists are carefully creating banking solutions for our clients under the guidance of all that data security demands. Choose a reliable development partner today!


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The main role in the reliability of the company building banking software is determined by the expertise of the development team in matters of financial software. Important factors are previous experience in the field of baking software development, knowledge of the laws, regulations, and standards of the industry, and a deep understanding of its specifics. No less important is the approach to ensuring data security and understanding the characteristics of the product. Check the expertise of your potential vendor of bank software development by scrolling through portfolio, technologies and certifications. And, of course, don’t forget about our clients’ reviews!
The price of banking software development, like any other, depends on the difficulty and complexity of the work. The specifics and type of software, functions, UI/UX, etc., play an important role. For example, the development of the core banking system will cost more than developing simple mobile apps. Also, it depends on the hourly rates of software developers. On average, the price ranges from several hundred thousand dollars.
User’s data security is one of the top priorities in banking software development. As experienced banking software developers, Geniusee team uses best practices and proven effective approaches to ensure protection and prevent data breaches and leakes. Undoubtfully, hackers constantly working on cracking the best programs, especially that refers to banking software solutions, not even mentioning system malfunctions and dormant dangers. Yet, our dedicated team constantly watching the best protection techniques to provide you with highly secured banking software development services.

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