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Custom eWallet App Development Company

The global market for mobile wallets is going to reach $7.58 billion by 2027, according to Allied Market Research. Are you afraid there’s no space to enter this market because of Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay? It is never too late—you may create even better digital wallets. Collaborate with Geniusee, the digital wallet app development company, and gain your market share in a growing sphere!


What Is An eWallet Mobile App?

It is an electronic analog of a wallet designed to store information for debit and credit cards. Digital wallets allow your end customers to make purchases or online payments via cell phone, smartwatch, and other similar devices. Mobile wallet solutions may also be suitable for prepaid and gift cards. EWallet mobile applications contain info about all online payments on any site or in any store. Mobile wallet app development enables users to send money via bank transfer using a mobile device, discharge contactless payment via QR code, allow carrying out directly secure payments in e-wallet apps with straight access to bank account, and many more.

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eWallet Development Solutions We Offer

A wallet designed to simplify transactions between a single business and its end users. Ensures convenience for both sides, especially about deal tracking and returning or refunding the product.
The name speaks for itself: this is a wallet that operates with cryptocurrency transactions. It is the most secure type of wallet.
The best way to provide an outstanding customer experience, prevent fraud, and reduce expenses on human support specialists is with an AI-powered wallet. Moreover, the capabilities of AI in eWallet apps are much wider than mentioned. When it comes to creating cutting-edge eWallet solutions, partnering with a reputable app development company is essential to ensure a seamless and secure user experience.
A merchant in today’s world without a mobile wallet? Complete nonsense! Hurry to implement business-focused and risk-free eWallet solutions.
If you want to create a single solution to transact with a group of merchants in a certain location, both online and offline, semi-closed wallets are for you.
You can’t hide from the Internet of Things—it’s already our reality. PAYGO systems are the best example that describes how this type of wallet works.
Are you still not invested in NFTs? Well, many of your potential customers have a desire to purchase them. Give them this possibility by developing an NFT wallet. It also may be combined with basic cryptocurrency wallets, as most people buy NFTs using crypto.
Do you want to build a wallet that is a mix of the types mentioned above and has the possibility to pay via Bluetooth, sound wave, or other features and possibilities without hiring a bunch of narrowly-specialized development teams? We’re here to help you build a completely customized wallet.

Dynamic Panel For eWallet Mobile App

  • Data control
  • Merchant and user management
  • Analytics dashboards
  • Revenue management
  • Security management
  • Offers management
  • Transaction management
  • Features management
  • Create/edit profile
  • Add and remove products
  • Create QR code
  • Customer management
  • Employee management
  • Make withdrawals
  • Discount coupons
  • Reward points
  • Promotional offers
  • Push notifications
  • POS integration
  • EMI payment option
  • Easy registration via phone number
  • Link bank account
  • Add balance
  • Transfer money
  • Make bill payments
  • Available offers and discounts
  • Check balance
  • Track reward points
  • Set autopay
  • View transaction history
  • Split bills
  • Receive payments
  • Send invites
  • Earn referral points

Digital Wallet App Development Features

  • Direct access to app account
  • Online payments
  • Transaction history
  • Link multiple bank accounts
  • Geolocation to easily pay nearby users
  • Wearable integration
  • Virtual card creation
  • AI chatbot
  • Personalized recommendations
  • QR code
  • Advanced analytics
  • Transfer funds
  • Receiving money for product or services
  • NFC or beacon technologies
  • Calendar integration
  • Sound wave payments
  • Push notifications
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Referral program

How Does an eWallet App Work?

EWallets work as usual wallets but operate online. The key to successful mobile wallet app development is creating a seamless and secure user experience. E-wallet mobile apps allow users to transfer or receive money, buy products and services online, send money using a QR code, and track the history of transactions from a bank account and reward programs in eWallets. Clients simply link their bank account, debit and credit cards, or prepaid and gift cards to their eWallet. It also lets customers pay with their mobile phones, smartwatches, or other gadgets that support this function. In this case, it’s not even necessary to turn on NFC. Wave or tap. That’s all it is.

eWallet App Development Cost Estimation

The cost of eWallet app development services differs depending on the features, tech stack, chosen platform, and complexity as a whole. If you decide to start eWallet app development, you have to consider the following factors that will influence the price and time:

Integrated functions
Platform (Android, iOS, hybrid)
Technology stack
Experience and skills of the eWallet app development company

If you want to calculate the approximate cost of your eWallet mobile app, try our estimator.

Our Case Studies

eWallet App Development Process

Goals definition

What do you offer? Why choose you? How to use your app? What problems are you solving? What are your competitive advantages?

Wireframes or mockups building
  • PoC
  • MVP
Team creating

iOS/Android app developers, UI/UX designers, QA/QC testers, Project manager


Native or cross-platform.


Vulnerability management and bug fixing of delivered eWallet app development solutions.


Launch of ewallet app development solutions

24/7 support

After-deployment maintenance of mobile app project


Technology Stack We Use For eWallet App Development


Flutter, Xamarin, Native mobile development, Angular/React Native, CSS, Javascript, and HTML5

Phone verification, SMS and Voice:



MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, and MailChimp Integrations


Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and PayUMoney

Cloud environment:

AWS, Azure, Salesforce, and Google Cloud

Push notifications:

Urban Airship, Push.IO, Amazon SNS, Twilio

Email management:


QR codes:

ZBar code reader

Real-time analytics:

Hadoop, Apache Spark, Big Data

Why Hire Geniusee for Digital Wallet Application Development?

Geniusee is a Forbes-recognized eWallet app development services company. Our dedicated development team is driven by metrics. As an app development company with great experience in the FinTech domain, we talk numbers, tracking velocity, and executing on a per sprint basis with transparent time logging. Our mobile wallet app developers are dedicated and highly experienced. We are always on the same wavelength with you in the business aspect and ready to walk the extra mile for technological excellence in mobile wallet application development for financial institutions.

Frequently Asked

Question Mark

Digital wallets have become the go-to solution for secure and efficient online transactions in today's digital age. As a mobile app development company, concentrated on the delivery of FinTech solutions, we may only state that we do not know. The cost of a custom mobile wallet depends on its functionalities and your business idea as a whole. Do you want your eWallet mobile app to:

  • process contactless and hassle-free payments
  • create virtual cards connected to a bank account
  • represent wallet balances
  • sync with wearable devices
  • have user engagement
  • process user registration through a registered mobile number or email
  • transfer funds
  • pay bills
  • send money via QR code
  • get a payment request or receive money
  • display a history of previous transactions and bank account balance
  • show an interactive dashboard with essential data

Do you know if:

  • it is a native or cross-platform mobile app
  • what technology stack you need
  • it is a mobile wallet for merchants or individuals, or do you work with cryptocurrency wallet developments? The price tag for Android app development is around $15 000 to $ 25 000, while iOS app development requires investments from $18 000 to $30 000.

The price tag for the most basic Android app development is around several tens of thousands of dollars. iOS app development could be a little bit higher. If you need apps for both platforms, consider cross-platform development then.

Try our estimator to calculate the cost of eWallet software development or any other type of mobile app development based on your business idea.

Just as a price question, the building time of mobile wallet app development, is hard to tell for sure. Each additional capability or backup feature will increase the cost of wallet development and development time. It also depends on the type of eWallet development services, e.g., PoC or MVP, etc. Typically, it takes around six or eight months to build a basic custom mobile wallet.
eWallets have revolutionized the way we send money, offering quick and convenient solutions for digital payments. It is a vital requirement for every modern software to be scalable. As an experienced eWallet development company, we aim to make it easy for our clients to complete further mobile wallet integration and upgrade eWallet apps. As technology continues to evolve, ewallet apps are likely to offer even more innovative features and financial services in the future
Secure payments are a core of digital eWallet app development. In the realm of mobile wallet app development, user privacy and data security are top priorities. Users can link their bank accounts to eWallets for easy funding and seamless transfers between the two platforms. Geniusee as an app development company with great domain experience pays attention to all the details. We are an ISO-certificated company, so our reputation warrants completely protected and safe eWallet app development. We deliver software solutions under the guidance of both ISO 9001 and 27001, yet also provide additional security services for mobile wallet app development. We believe in proven and effective approaches to security and custom software development, such as e.g. zero trust security model.
Geniusee delivered many projects that were concentrated on the digitalization of existing services and financial institutions. Our experience as an app development company gives us facts that prove any company gains from implementing digital services. EWallet development services are designed to provide digital payments for clients with lower commission rates that will increase money transfer amounts. With the help of eWallet mobile apps, you can ensure security in bank transfer, enhance customer relationship management by boosting conversion rates, decrease the number of abandoned cards for app users, increase profits, and reduce costs. Mobile payment apps enable users to send money, receive cash transfers, make contactless payments, and easily get a refund without advanced technical skills. With contactless payment technology, people can simply tap a mobile device or card to complete a transaction, making it effortless to send money.
As an eWallet app development company, Geniusee offers continuous support not only during the project building but also 24/7 after-deployment care based on support levels.

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