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The coronavirus crisis impact on startup financing

The instability of the global economy, the fever in the stock markets, the maximum caution of investors, the cancellation of business events - all these consequences of the coronavirus epidemic have a detrimental...


Taras T.


How to set up remote work during the epidemic.

You probably noticed that many companies start working remotely due to the coronavirus epidemic. There are many articles on remote work. They are talking about how it is important not to forget to take breaks, go...


Taras T.


10 Ways to Make Unsuccessful Tech Project

An unsuccessful project is very easy to do. We are going to share the main problems in development that can destroy any project. If you search the Internet for texts on development trends, you will surely find...


Sofiia V.


Cloud infrastructure for early startups.

What is a cloud infrastructure? We will talk about its examples, as well as a competent choice of tools. Read our quick digest with tips and descriptions.


Nazariy H.


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