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Insightful tech and business 5-min-reads on the latest Fintech and Edtech trends, products, solutions, and expertise in mobile and web development. We at Geniusee aim to help businesses thrive through tech partnership and strengthen the engineering community by sharing knowledge to expand your professional power.

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Cancelled and rescheduled conferences 2020

A large number of international conferences have been cancelled because of the coronavirus since the beginning of the year. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Nvidia and others have been transferring events online or r...

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Sofiia V.


How Coronavirus Has Transformed Consumer Spending Habits

How global quarantine has changed the behavioral habits of buyers, what trends have appeared in sales and how brands respond to a pandemic, we will talk about all this in the article.

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Sofiia V.


Impact of Coronavirus On Startup Funding and Ecosystem

The instability of the global economy, the fever in the stock markets, the maximum caution of investors, the cancellation of business events - all these consequences of the coronavirus epidemic have a detrimental...

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Taras T.


7 Important Tips to Save Your Business During COVID-19

Geniusee team decided to write this article to provide business leaders with an understanding of the evolving COVID-19 situation and what awaits their business. The virus emerged suddenly and has been moving quic...

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Taras T.


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