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Insightful tech and business 5-min-reads on the latest Fintech and Edtech trends, products, solutions, and expertise in mobile and web development. We at Geniusee aim to help businesses thrive through tech partnership and strengthen the engineering community by sharing knowledge to expand your professional power.

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Top 5 Test Automation Tips for Your Test Automation Strategy

Software testing is used to evaluate the product and understand whether it really matches the declared functionality. The quality assurance process in software testing provides the product owner with informati...

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Ihor D.


How to Use the Customer Discovery Process [Complete Guide]

Customer development (abbreviated as custdev) is testing an idea or prototype of a future product on potential consumers. The term was coined in the 1990s by American serial entrepreneur Steve Blank. In his book...

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Taras T.


16 Best Techniques for Creating a User-Friendly Interface

The interface is a kind of "bridge" between the user and the system. Using the interface, the user will be able to explain to the system what they want from it, and the system will do it. But what happens if this...

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Sofiia V.


Software Evaluation Checklist: What are the Requirements for Evaluating IT Project

When customers make requests for software development to the Geniusee team, some questions from the IT team are disheartening to them.

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Sofiia V.


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