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Insightful tech and business 5-min-reads on the latest Fintech and Edtech trends, products, solutions, and expertise in mobile and web development. We at Geniusee aim to help businesses thrive through tech partnership and strengthen the engineering community by sharing knowledge to expand your professional power.

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Why do you need to update UI design every 5 years?

If you doubt that once made UI design will be good enough for many years, then most likely you are right. In this article, we will tell you what would happen with your app in case you have not redesigned it, why...

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Oksana T.


MVP in Software Development Projects: How to Make Users Love Your MVP

MVP is a rather hackneyed topic, in our opinion. There is 99% probability that anyone who has been somehow connected with software development over the past 5 years heard about these 3 letters. But even despite t...

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Ihor D.


How to Avoid Business Analyst Mistakes: BA Roles and Responsibilities

Today, the question of the role of a business analyst in projects has been considered insufficient detail: it is known what qualities he should possess, how best to build a career, what skills to develop. It is e...

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Nazariy H.


What To Ask React.js Developer During The Interview: Common React.js Interview Questions and Answers

ReactJS is a very popular library, especially among companies that want to create their own mobile applications. And since the mobile industry has recently shown nothing but rapid growth, many business owners hav...

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Oksana T.


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