Business is a flexible matter. To keep things going, you must constantly research new ways to optimize, upgrade, and increase the efficiency of your work processes. And most importantly — to partner with people who care about bringing actual business value to your cooperation. Cooperation with companies that are genuinely committed to the success of the clients’ projects and delivery of tangible results pushes businesses to new heights and makes them market leaders.

Geniusee aims to build meaningful partnerships with clients, so our experts are always trying to get to know clients’ work processes and share insights, as well as figure out ways to make their projects more efficient and valuable. 

This approach to work resulted in an original infrastructure cost optimization solution that helps our clients optimize their platforms and reduce expenses up to 1100 times. And we are more than ready to share the details with you!

In this article:

  1. How did we discover this solution?
  2. The path of improvement
  3. What kind of businesses and companies can benefit from this solution?
  4. Business benefits of this solution
  5. Conclusion

How did we discover this solution?

Geniusee is a software development company. Therefore, our tech experts are constantly looking for new ideas to improve the services we provide. Recently, the development department decided to make the Java stream more practical within the company so that clients could more confidently choose Java for their projects. 

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We needed to find a solution for building and running applications that were:

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Optimized to use resources efficiently
  • Designed for cloud serverless infrastructure
  • Built for automation and scaling

Java tends to seem less flexible and, thus, less operative choice for creating tech projects. However, our team has discovered that with the right implications, Java can be more cost-effective and faster than other programming languages. Taking this potential into consideration, our Java Lead, Andrii Malyna, came up with the idea of combining functionalities of Quarkus, a Java framework, with AWS to enhance the optimization of infrastructures.

Our expert was able to implement this new knowledge and provide proof of concept pretty fast. Our client, an e-learning company, had an issue with an unstable system load. So, our team suggested trying out this solution enhanced with AWS Lambda to improve loading speeds and scalability. This case was successful, resulting in:

Achievements of this solution

The path of improvement

After confirming the effectiveness of the solution and its potential for future collaboration with clients, we began enhancing it.

Specifically, we worked on:

Updates of this solution

What kind of businesses and companies can benefit from this solution?

Companies managing many microservices

The lightweight, fast-booting nature of Quarkus microservices means you can deploy more services on fewer resources. If you have a complex microservice architecture, this solution keeps costs in check as your system grows.

Companies concerned with performance and scalability

Quarkus is designed for performance and scalability. It lets your applications start fast and use memory and CPU efficiently. Combined with AWS auto-scaling groups, you get a robust, cost-effective infrastructure to support variable workloads.

Established companies with legacy Java code bases

For these companies, Quarkus can optimize resource usage and lower costs without requiring a full application rewrite. Quarkus allows you to optimize parts of the application incrementally. 

Businesses struggling with Java load handling

If your Java application needs help to handle increased load and traffic, Quarkus can help scale it efficiently. Quarkus makes it possible to handle many more requests. This ability to scale with demand can save costs from excessive overprovisioning.

Organizations concerned about outdated technology costs

For companies relying on older versions of Java that are becoming more expensive to maintain, Quarkus provides an easy path to modernization and IT infrastructure cost optimization. By allowing you to continue using familiar Java tools and frameworks, the learning curve to Quarkus is minimized. At the same time, you gain the benefits of a modern, optimized runtime environment and access to the latest language features. 

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Business benefits of this solution

Business benefits of this solution

Our team strived to create and refine this infrastructure cost optimization solution with the goal in mind: help businesses. As a company, we are ready to work our clients through all of the tech intricacies. Particularly, we are talking about:

Reduced infrastructure costs

By applying Quarkus and AWS services like Lambda, clients could scale resources up and down on-demand, only paying for what they used. Quarkus’ low memory footprint and fast boot time meant that our clients could run more tasks on smaller, lower-cost instances, resulting in the optimization of infrastructure costs for business operations.

Faster development

This solution allows making changes to code or configuration and seeing the results instantly without having to rebuild or redeploy the application. It also comes with a lesser amount of boilerplate and more flexible libraries.

Improved scalability

Our solution is built to scale. Quarkus applications have a low memory footprint and fast startup time, so we can spin up new instances quickly as demand increases. With the help of AWS, this gives us a highly scalable architecture at a lower cost.

Enhanced security

Quarkus has robust security features built-in, and combined with AWS’ strong security and compliance credentials; we were able to build a solution that meets security and governance requirements.


The possibilities of this infrastructure cost optimization solution are very promising. With the right implementation of Quarkus, you can significantly reduce cost, improve scalability, and increase the efficiency of your infrastructure.
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