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“Geniusee's most valuable delivery has been a working product for hospitals and clinics to manage their inventories and patient records. A robust system that connects with another financial backend through APIs keeps all accounts tracked in real-time. This allows for innovative additions to the medical evaluation process when incorporating our proprietary AI diagnosis solution for COVID-19 and many more to come. The Geniusee team was critical in getting things done.”

Roberto C. Baldizon

Founder Silibrain LLC

Scope and highlights

MedTech solutions
for clinics and hospitals
in developing countries

2 years
of partnership

Desktop and mobile
application development,
QA, DevOps

Frontend and backend development

Best Patient Engagement Solutions Software
Provider for 2021 by New
World Report

the challenge

Our client, Silibrain LLC, is a technology solutions company founded in 2018. The company aims to improve human life. Its mission is to make the latest technological advances available to millions by providing high-caliber, more affordable solutions to all. To make such a dream possible, the company focuses on designing electronics and software to meet and exceed client expectations. When the Silibrain founders came to us, their goal was to enhance their team in creating an automated platform for doctors and patients. Communication and history taking, sensitive data storage and processing, medical records, and doctors’ prescriptions for medication had to be managed from one intuitive system. All the processes had to be automated and well structured to enable doctors to do their work faster, more confidently, and precisely. The main target audience of the project was private hospitals and clinics in developing countries.


We decided to work with Geniusee when we started to feel overwhelmed and overloaded with work. Although the essential functionality of the electronic health record app had already been created, by working with Geniusee, we were able to build it further, improve it, and focus on other projects without abandoning the one that already had a pilot user

says founder of Silibrain LLC Roberto C. Baldizon.

Key challenges in this project included:

  • Rethinking the pattern of the provision of healthcare services.

  • Improving the essential functionality of the electronic health record app.

  • Transferring all the offline communication and operations online into an automated system. Designing and developing desktop and mobile applications that are intuitive and easy to use.

Silibrain Silibrain

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Crave Retail Silibrain

the process

The Geniusee team started to work on the web platform and the mobile application.


We have been directly involved with Geniusee since we have a solid in-house team of technical knowledge; however, the Geniusee team was critical in getting things done and hitting the ground running with such fixes. Geniusee's team has adapted to our way of working, joining our slack channel to keep constant communication with us and scheduling video calls when further doubts cannot be solved by chat. The project has thus constantly evolved with iterations that make the solution even more effective for private hospitals and clinics in developing nations.

says Roberto C. Baldizon

Project tech stack:

  • Front End:

    • React
    • Material
    • Redux
  • Back End:

    • Node
    • Express
    • MongoDB
  • Mobile:

    • Cordova
    • GoogleCloud
Taras photo

Healthcare digitalization is a complex challenge that allows us not just to improve the quality of services for millions of people worldwide, but automation helps prevent illness and even save lives by being a fast and efficient tool for healthcare management. We are happy to work with Silibrain and help the company reach its noble goals by enhancing life through technology and addressing real global problems.

Taras Tymoshchuk

CEO Geniusee

the outcome


Geniusee's most valuable delivery has been a working product for hospitals and clinics to manage their inventories and patient records. A robust system that connects with another financial backend through APIs keeps all accounts tracked in real-time. This allows for innovative additions to the medical evaluation process when incorporating our proprietary AI diagnosis solution for COVID-19 and many more to come

says Roberto C. Baldizon

After successfully developing the automated platform and applications, the Geniusee team continues to support the Silibrain project, helping to track applications' performance, releasing updates, and taking care of every detail to work as planned. Silibran helps dive into digital transformation to healthcare organizations; one of the latest cases is Hospital Privado de Peten in Guatemala.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

  • The clear vision of the solution and its impact on the quality of life for the end-users.

  • The industry-specific expertise of the Geniusee developers. The successful experience of launching secure automated platforms that can process a large amount of data.

  • Clear communication and partnership based on trust from the very beginning of the collaboration with Silibrain.


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