• 1

    Effortlessly produce API proxies and visually code or configure API policies as stages in the API flow

    Plus, you can use code to customize API behavior. Transform to or from any protocol.

  • 2

    Implement consistent government policies and security best practices across all APIs

    Safeguard your data from OWASP threats with features like encryption, two-way TLS, SAML, and OAuth 2.0.

  • 3

    Use Apigee Edge’s three-stage publishing tool

    Use Apigee Edge’s three-stage publishing tool to develop reusable access controls and portal content, manage the API audience from your portal, and present reference documentation.

  • 4

    Track active apps and developers and the related revenue data

    Investigate traffic surges, drill deep into API traffic info, and trace live API calls using real-time insights from your info.

  • 5

    Decrease the mean time to diagnosis (MTTD) by swiftly investigating concerns

    Assure API availability to provide seamless experiences to partners, customers, and application developers.