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    User Centric Tests

    Codeception provides high-level domain language for tests. Tests are represented as a set of user's actions.

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    Browser Testing

    Tests can be executed using Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Cloud Testing services with Selenium WebDriver. Browsers can be emulated with HTTP-requests through CURL with PhpBrowser.

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    Framework Testing

    Tests can be executed inside a PHP framework. This way web applications can be executed without the web server running faster and accessing application internals. Symfony, Laravel, Zend Framework, Yii, Phalcon are supported.

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    Codeception simplifies REST and SOAP testing. There are flexible commands to test structure and data of JSON and XML responses. Testing can be done over HTTP or inside a framework.

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    Data Driven Tests

    Connect to various data sources MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcache to use their data inside tests. Take snapshots to compare data changes with previous runs.