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    Well-read tests

    This framework is worthy of a more detailed story, but its short feature is that it allows you to write well-read tests that are easy for even non-programmers to understand.

  • 2

    Extended coverage

    With the manual approach, you might not cover all the web app features that require lengthy testing considering the time and labor costs involved. Automated BDD testing solves the problem.

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    Behat supports the precise execution of repetitive tests. That improves the credibility of the test results.

  • 4

    Simultaneous testing

    With Behat, you can perform simultaneous tests across multiple devices/platforms with thousands of virtual users. This saves time and costs too!

  • 5


    The auto-testing framework supports collaboration on testing, test results, and corrective actions every step of the way. It helps to keep Drupal development team members in the loop from the word go.