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Middle Strong to Senior React Native Developer

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Middle Strong to Senior React Native Developer

Our mission at Geniusee is to help businesses thrive through tech partnership and strengthen the engineering community by sharing knowledge and creating opportunities 🌿Our values are Continuous Growth, Team Synergy, Taking Responsibility, Conscious Openness and Result Driven. We offer a safe, inclusive and productive environment for all team members, and we’re always open to feedback💜 If you want to work from home or work in the city center of Kyiv, great — apply right now.


  • 3+ years of relevant experience in the IT industry, strong knowledge of JavaScript including ECMAScript;
  • Strong experience with React Native development;
  • Experience with Typescript;
  • Experience with React Web;
  • Experience with GIT and branching workflows;
  • Familiar with unit testing, and integration testing;
  • Experience with iOS and Android Native development;
  • An eye for visual products to determine what looks best;
  • Expert understanding of building highly secure products; 
  • Experience with Git, Version Control, CI Tools, Firebase, Google Cloud;  
  • English: Upper-intermediate.

Would be a plus.

  • Experience with GraphQL;
  • Experience with CSS;
  • Experience with SQL;
  • Experience with Express.js.

What you will do.

  • Contribute as part of a scrum team dedicated to building a quality product;
  • Write structured, tested, readable, and maintainable code for React Native apps;
  • Debug and resolve technical issues;
  • Contribute to creating and improving engineering processes and establishing best practices;
  • Stay current with the latest front-end technologies, processes, and best practices and share your findings with the rest of the team;
  • Provide a positive, polite, and open-minded style of communication.

What you will get.

  • Compensation
    ● Consistent pay with no delays. No matter what comes your way, a steady paycheck provides a foundation of flexibility.
    ● Grow your career along with the salary. We believe your compensation should reflect your experience, skills and contributions — that’s why we conduct regular compensation reviews.
    ● Your time is valuable. We compensate all the valuable time and expertise you invest in.
    ● Share the talent & get rewarded. The more successful hires that come from your referrals, the more referral bonuses you’ll earn — turn your network into extra income.
    ● Balance, backed by benefits. Stay stress-free with our paid Reserve policy, knowing that your time off is both earned and protected.

    ● Rewarding your hard work. We support your adventures and quality time with 18 working days of vacation, plus special emergency days, and an extra day for employees after 3 & 5 years of work.
    ● Health first. 15 days of paid sick leave to look after your physical and mental health.
    ● Wellness, tailored to you. We provide insurance or compensation for your health-related activities within our health and wellness system.
    ● Future-ready fluency: we offer corporate English classes designed to meet your individual goals and preferences.
    ● Take time for yourself. Get the break you deserve with the days off for official holidays!
    ● Seamless management. Get your days off easier and quicker with our ERP System. Review and take a day off with a few clicks of a button.
    ● Celebrating your milestones. Whether it’s your birthday, work anniversary, the birth of a child, or a special holiday — we cherish these occasions by presenting you with a heartfelt gift.
    ● Make your workday flexible. Enjoy our hybrid work schedule and get the freedom to find the right balance for you.
    ● “We’ve got you covered. Our offices in Kyiv and Lviv are equipped with a backup Internet line, starter lines, powerful batteries, and generators to ensure uninterrupted workflow. (Offices). We also compensate for your home equipment and coworking expenses for your stable work outside the office.”

    ● Let’s drive innovation with shared insights. We understand that knowledge is power, and that’s why we empower our teams to unlock their full potential by sharing their expertise with others — internally and externally.
    ● Certify your success. With our ISTQB and Amazon partnership, we provide you with guidance and resources to achieve professional certifications in your field.
    ● Your growth, our focus. Having a clear vision for your career path is a must. With us, you get reasoning goals, a regular insightful feedback within our performance review system.
    ● Investing in your knowledge. We care about your professional growth. Get compensated for certifications and training programs that will bring skills to the next level.
    ● Guiding your ambitions. Forget about career plateau — we offer a clear career road map and development plan. Let’s grow together!

    ● Memorable times together. Discover the joy of team building with our specially designed corporate events and project fun activities.
    ● Openness in the progress. Stay updated on the company’s latest achievements with our regular updates from the top-level management.

    ● Embrace teamwork in a friendly environment. By joining us, you will experience the benefits of working in a close-knit, inviting atmosphere where your efforts are recognized, and your progress is fostered.
    ● National heart, global impact. Our company runs its own charity fund that provides ongoing support for the Ukrainian army. Let’s become a part of something bigger together.

Your Geniusee Career Growth:

  • 360-degree feedback

    A process through which feedback from an employee’s subordinates, colleagues, and supervisor, as well as a self-evaluation by the employee themselves, is gathered.

  • Evaluation

    Time to talk with an expert. Together, you will assess the progress you have achieved.

  • Navigation
  • Summarize your review with a manager and define your future goals.

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