We help small, mid-size, startup companies to focus on business side of their products while we take care of technology.

dedicated team

Genius dedicated team.

Geniusee help clients to build dedicated development teams in Ukraine.


data science POC.

Make the most of your data. We offer data science consulting services that can help you to improve key business objectives.


MVP For startups.

Geniusee will help you to prioritise the core features of your idea and develop the first release of the product that can be as a rocket base for growth.

product development

Product Development.

Geniusee will cover the complete process of bringing a new product to market. Starting from the product ideation, UX/UI design creation to development and testing.

Cooperation Models.

Criteria \ Business Model


Dedicated Team

Fixed Price

Model description

The simplest form of software development outsourcing where emloyees of outsourcing provider extend in-house team capacity while other project aspects remain on the customer's side (such as project management, techical leadership, quality control) More advanced engagement model compared to outstaffing with product requiremens being driven by customer where development team is being managed by software vendor A time bound engagement model effective for scoped requirements that are not likely to change during the development process.

Engagement scope

Flexible product backlog managed by customer Flexible product backlog managed by software vendor with regular approvals received from customer Agreed scope of work with detailed description of acceptance criteria allowing to provide estimate on per feature basis.

Pricing models

Customer is paying for agreed monthly allocation of developer's hours. Customer is paying for agreed monthly allocation of developer's hours. In addition, customer is paying for supporting resource (i.e. project manger, QC) per agreed time allocation Fixed price per certain agreed scope of work (project milestone)

Engagement length

3 months+ 3 months+ Depends on project scope


1 2 3

Additional information

Requires high customer's involvement to supervise developer Quite big number of project management tasks covered by software vendor (sprint planning, daily stand ups, sprint grooming, product demo, user stories documentation etc.). As result customer participate in relase planning and gets regular updates regarding team performance. Entire product lifecycle can be outsourced to a strategic partner including idediation, design, implementation, further product evolution and support.

How do we work.

introduction meeting

Introduction meeting

preparation of technical specification

Preparation of technical specification

project estimation

Project estimation

signing the agreement

Signing the agreement



UI/UX design

UI/UX design

Software development

Software development

QA/QC testing

QA/QC testing