Skilleton .

project/client description

SKILLETON is an online education platform for students, on the one hand, and teachers, on the other, who can set up and upload to platform their own courses. SKILLETON is your access to the high-class skills necessary for success now and in the future. This is the place where you create opportunities for yourself, acquiring new advanced skills.



  • - Large video training base for a wide range of areas
  • - The ability to connect students and teachers from different parts of the world
  • - The opportunity to purchase online courses

Value Delivered

  • - UI/UX design
  • - Web platform allowing student create their profile search for courses, pay for courses watch videos webinars.
  • - Web platform allowing for expert earn money
  • - Admin pane
  • - AWS infrastructure

features .


Create an account


Choose your classes or upload your personal course to the website


Choose type of studying that you prefer


Study, view webinars in real time, chat with teacher, do home tasks

mobile version .

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